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Service & Calibration

Bostwick Consistometer

Service and Mechanical Calibration


Models Covered

Our Inspection and Service the Bostwick Consistometer covered both CRi-BC24 and CRi- BC30

CRi- BC50 Models.  We can also test service and repair Consistometers from other manufacturers.



Before our Inspection begins the instrument will be thoroughly cleaned.


Scale Readability Check

Check for scale readability deterioration, Re-infill is required.


Full mechanical Check & Correction (mechanical Calibration)

Using our purpose built test equipment we can check the geometry off the device and the accuracy of the level and adjust or replace if required.


Gate Spring & Nylon Bearing Replacement

To Ensure optimal gate operation all springs and nylon bearing in the gate mechanism will be replaced and tested.


Reservoir Gate Test

As part of our inspection we will test the reservoir gate for and leaks, and correct functionality.


Wearable Parts Inspection

As well and checking and replacing the gate springs and bearing we will also check for damage and usability the thumb screws, bubble mechanism and replace if necessary.



If during our inspection we determine that the instrument is unrepairable we will inform you immediately and we will also include a quotation for a replacement unit, at a discounted rate.



Cost of Annual Inspection, Service & calibration-    £45.00 ex vat (Includes Free return Delivery)



Your instrument will be returned within 5 working days unless otherwise stated.

Any repair work carried out is guaranteed for 3 months.


Our Normal Terms & Conditions of Sale apply.