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Quality Products come from


Quality processes, Quality procedures and Quality thinking.


To work this way of thinking has to be built in to every aspect of our business,

from the quoting stage through to delivery to you the customer


To establish, maintain and monitor our quality processes and procedures are based on regular internal audits against the internationally recognised ISO9001:2015 Quality standard which we are currently working towards with BSI.


How else do we endeavour to improve

our products & services?



To maintain our position in the global marketplace we are always looking for ways to improve our production methods rewarding staff for finding more efficient ways of working.


We have also recently implemented 5s Working practices and are working on six sigma. Not only to improve efficiency but to build a better company for our employees.


You can download any certificates for training and any Quality reports directly from the links below



Dave Stevens

Sales Manager

5s Training Cert

John Anthony

Managing Director

5s Training Cert

Quality Manual


Calibration Information for manufactured products

Data Sheets for products