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“On a mission to become market leaders in the manufacturing and sales of quality control products.”

We are a small Dorset Based family business manufacturing and selling quality control products.

John the Owner and step-daughter Karen are on a mission to push our company CR Instruments Ltd into the limelight and be the market leaders manufacturing and selling Bostwick Consistometers, Sieve Shakers and Karl-Fisher Titrators. It’s an ambitious dream, but why not dream big?!  We are determined to learn, grow and face challenges head on to build a sustainable and reputable company that gives the big players in the industry a run for their money 


John Anthony first started CR Instruments Ltd in 2013 when he realised there was a gap in the market for better quality Bostwick Consistometers.


With his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry it was time to take the leap and start up his own business so he set about his work in a small workshop at the bottom of his garden.

With time, patience and a determination to develop the highest quality product at competitive prices, John has slowly been building up a very happy customer base who come back to order time and time again. His adaptability and electrical engineering background soon saw him approached to design and make 200mm /8” sieve shakers (analogue and digital) which he successfully brought to the market in 2015. The feedback and demand for those has now seen an additional 3D shaker which has the latest digital technology. We are extremely proud to exclusively supply Glenammer Sieves with these products.


What sets CR Instruments apart from our competitors is that if you want to make contact about any of our products then you can speak directly to John or one of the limited trusted family members who so far have never failed to find a solution or the answer to customer questions. We are genuinely interested in the marketplace and finding the solutions to meet customer needs.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest possible customer service and are confident that when you purchase our product you know it’s firstly the best on the market and secondly that you have supported a small family business that values every single sale.

During the development of all our products we have been proud to support UK and particularly local Dorset businesses. Everything is sourced to keep mileage to a minimum and keep small businesses like our own thriving.

At the start of 2019 it was time to move into new business premises in order to keep up with demand and continue developing new products. This small expansion is a reflection of our success to date and now we are on a mission to continue growing by expanding our customer base. We know we have the capacity and means to handle more orders while retaining all the fundamentals we have built our business on; quality, speed of delivery and excellent customer service.

John has taken the brave step to permanently employ Step-daughter Karen, who has been supporting the business behind the scenes for several years. Together we have set out our 5 year plan and know that with a combination of commitment and capabilities we can become market leaders in our field. We hope that you will support us in our endeavours, please do contact us to discuss how we can help meet your quality control needs.